Our Comission

These are starting prices for single images and could change depending on the complexity of the project. 

Additional options:

♥ 10 for detailed backgrounds

♥ 10 for each additional subject

♥ 5 – 10 if NSFW (won’t do certain fetishes, please ask for specifics)

I have the right to decline any requests.

A fee may be charged if a major change is requested after the initial sketch or after the final draft is complete.

I have the right to post any finished commissions on any of my web accounts unless otherwise specified at time of request by the client.

I keep all original files and may use them as I like unless otherwise specified at time of request by client.


Please DO NOT alter the finished artwork and please DO NOT post/repost without proper credit.

I retain the rights to the works produced. If you desire the commissioned piece(s) to be for commercial use, please disclose this with your initial request and we can devise an agreement for the handling of the rights.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, whether it’s a like or a reblog, or just perusing my stuff and enjoying it without me knowing.